At The Three Roses

At The Three Roses

Eingang zur Johannisloge Zu Den Drei Rosen Hamburg

Entry to Johannisloge Zu Den Drei Rosen Hamburg

Also called “Lodge of Roses”

The Masonic Lodge “At The Three Roses” Hamburg is one of the oldest lodges in Germany and was founded in January 1770. Famous men were among our members, such as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Matthias Claudius, Konrad Ekhof, Julius Campe and others.

But important are not the famous names in our ranks. Since founding the Lodge hundreds of honorable men have spread the ideals and contents of our venerable fraternity trough the future and has been so far our incentive to continue our work in confraternity

Since many new members joined the “Lodge of Roses” our average age is quite low. Our Lodge is one of the largest Johannis Lodges in Hamburg.

Our members belong to many professional groups and various walk of life, but inside our Logde these features are of no significance.

For traditional reasons only men will be accepted in a lodge.

Our reputation is our obligation – and even after more than 241 years we are sure that the Johannis Loge “At The Three Roses” Hamburg will have a bright future outlook.

As each new member of our Masonic Lodge could be valuable addition for us we are looking forward to welcome you. Please refer to our contact address: Contact.

The Marcus Hermann Petersen Fund
of the Johannis Lodge “At The Three Roses”

Marcus Hermann Petersen, the father Mr. Dr. Carl Petersen, who was one of the former mayors in Hamburg, had been the Master of Lodge of Hamburgs Johannis Lodge “At The Three Roses” from 1832 to 1860.

On 14th December 1835 the MPH Fund was founded by Mr Marcus Hermann Petersen.

Learn more about Marcus Hermann Petersen Fund of Johannislodge here: MHP Fund.