275 Jahre Loge

275th Anniversary

275th Anniversary in Hamburg in 2012 open minded   –   obliged   –   free With this slogan the German Freemasonry and its 400 lodges celebrated the 275th anniversary in 2012 together with delegations from all over the world. Already in 1735 the Grand Logde of England...



Lodge-Events Exchange of Thoughts and Ideas Once a month some gentlemen interested in Freemasonry meet with several members of our fraternity in the Freemason Hall in order to have an interchange of thoughts and ideas. Of course our Past Master and PR agent, Mr Gernot Riebenstein, would...

Zu Den Drei Rosen

Zu den drei Rosen

Zu den drei Rosen Also called “Rosenloge” The Masonic Lodge “Zu den drei Rosen” Hamburg is one of the oldest lodges in Germany and was founded in January 1770. Famous men were among our members, such as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Matthias Claudius, Konrad Ekhof, Julius Campe...